The publisher over at the Chatham News & Record let me know that a reader wrote in with a question.

Can you specify which Tecnu product your husband uses in the shower? Scrub? Lotion?

Greetings, reader. Thanks for the question.

My husband uses “Tecnu Original Outdoor Skin Cleanser.” A bottle typically lasts about two years because he does heavy yard work in jeans and boots. It’s when he’s lazy and doesn’t change out of shorts and bare feet that he gets into trouble. In the article I mentioned that he waits about five minutes before washing it off, but the truer timing is that the whole process, from starting to scrub to full coverage (arms, legs, torso), is about five minutes. A quick Google search shows that Tecnu is available at most pharmacies (like CVS, Walgreens and Walmart), at Amazon, and through Technu directly. Hope that helps!

Thanks for reading The Optimistic Gardener!

Here’s the original Behind the Scenes post about Poison Ivy.

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