Mr. Sickles and I figured we needed to perfect the art of all things egg since we’re chicken farmers. We’re big on quiche (cheese-less for this dairy-free gal), scrambles, dutch babies, over-easy, over-hard, baked goods, breads. We’re a veritable Bubba Gump of egg dishes. But we could never achieve usable boiled eggs … until Mr. Sickles started piercing the shell. Now we get a perfect egg, with 100% usable whites, every time. Now we’re the eggsperts.

  1. Get a big pot of water to a low rolling boil — make sure there’s enough water to cover the eggs. Also make sure you’ve got a heavy pan with a lid that will let you boil water without it steaming over.
  2. Pierce the bigger end of the egg with a thumb tack.
  3. Use tongs to hold the egg just inside the water on its side, with the pierced hole under the surface. Wait until it bubbles, then set it on the bottom.
  4. Cover and turn the water down to medium-low. I like hard boiled eggs, so we set the timer for 12 minutes. If you want a softer yolk, set it for 9 – 12 minutes. We figure a jammy egg (BARF, but that’s what Mr. Sickles prefers), needs about 7 minutes.
  5. Remove from heat, pour out the hot water and add make an ice bath. When you crack the shells, splash it under fresh water and peel. Wah-lah.