Flying the Coop

Our cute little coop bit the dust a couple weeks ago. Seven inches of rain in three days tends to be dramatic, and in our case, our cute little coop couldn’t keep up. The side door collapsed, so we had to nail it shut. And that means our six chickens were not happy (or safe)–so we built a new one. “You should turn it into a AirB&B, and call it ‘Sleeping with Chickens’,” our friends said. LOL. All we have left to do is caulk it, paint it red, and add the finishing trim.


Eight weeks ago today, our chickens were born. I’m happy to report that all six chickens born on March 23 are still alive and happy in our meadow. Check out how lovely June Carter Cash’s feathers are nowadays.

My little chickadees

The stars have finally aligned and enabled us to get chickens. Because, chicks. We started out with six on March 25 … born on March 23 … and a month in, still have six chicks. I’m already counting that as a win. They’re remarkably easy to care for, super cute to look at and listen to, and give us hope for nutritious, tasty breakfasts in the months (and hopefully years) to come.

Our brood contains two varieties of chickens: three Rhode Island Reds (Ruby, Nemo, and Maude) and three Ameraucanas (June Carter Cash, Lady Gaga, and Lilac). We’ll probably move them out into the coop in another four weeks, which makes me nervous because we have coyotes around here that are way smarter than Wile E. Hopefully Mr. Sickles can figure out how to keep our girls safe while still being a friend of nature. I don’t think the groundhogs will bother them, and I’m envisioning the raccoons with their five fingers just giving those ol’ hens high-fives. And I’m crossing my fingers that our cute little foxes aren’t nearly as clever as the Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Resource list:

  1. Chicks, feed, grit, pine shavings: Pittsboro Feed
  2. Trough, watering can/lid, coop: Tractor Supply
  3. Wingin’ It shirt: my great friends Denise & Eddie got it for me, at Tractor Supply, I think